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Delivering on promises with over four decades of industry experience and exceptional market knowledge.

Who we are

Founded by Mr. Ravi and Mr. Aashay, veritable experts in the field of real estate marketing, Asset Crest is the partner of choice for property developers aiming to unlock the true value of their projects.

We act as your sales and marketing division, creating cutting edge marketing solutions that attract the right HNIs to your project, thereby, maximizing the potential of the project. All while ensuring that you concentrate on what matters the most, property development.

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between investors and property developers, thereby creating synergies in the real estate market resulting in more profitable projects.

Our Mission

To assist property developers create and deliver projects to end consumers while ensuring maximum profitability.

Meet Aashay Drolia

Heading Asset Crest along with Mr. Ravi, Mr. Aashay Drolia is best known as a dynamic force in the real estate sector and finance. Responsible for leading projects from Uganda to the UAE to success, Mr. Drolia excels in managing asset portfolios and driving business growth. Mr. Drolia is also aided by the master’s degree in investment management from the prestigious ICMA Centre at The University of Reading, UK.

Aashay Drolia


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